The Finest of Strangers

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Teatro kicks off their 2018 season with an exciting Lemoine premiere with a most intriguing premise. A well-known television personality returns to the house where he spent part of his childhood, only to find himself utterly unable to leave it. This creates havoc for the current owner and occupants, many of whom are not entirely what they at first seem to be. The Finest of Strangers breezily combines elements of romantic comedy with time-bending mystery - and even a hint of a ghost story- and its stellar ensemble features a quintet of Teatro veterans- Jeff Haslam, Leona Brausen, Davina Stewart, Julien Arnold, and Cathy Derkach, plus Mark Bellamy (last seen in Cocktails at Pam’s), Michelle Diaz (Madame President from For the Love of Cynthia) and the company debut of long-time Edmonton actress Patricia Darbasie!