The 26th Annual Die-Nasty SOAP-A-THON!

We are thrilled to announce that the 26TH ANNUAL DN SOAP-A-THON will begin Friday September 14 at 7pm and continue non-stop for 50 straight hours til Sunday September 16 at 9pm!

Set this year at the Birthday party of Great Grandma Bun-Bun, matriarch of the Bun-Bun Family, and about to become the WORLD'S OLDEST PERSON! It's a massive family reunion no one can miss!  And what better place to celebrate the birthday of the world's oldest person than...A REAL LIVING DINOSAUR PARK!

You'll love the 26TH ANNUAL Die-Nasty Soap-a-thon!! Passes on sale September 5, 2018... come and go as you please throughout the weekend! One-time entry tickets are available at the door. All funds go toward bringing you a whole season of Die-Nasty beginning Monday October 22. THANK YOU!