Die-Nasty, the Live Improvised Soap Opera Returns... with DYNASTY!

It’s a sizzling season of shoulder pads and chandeliers, eyebrows and power towers!

The year is 1983. The cell phones come in brief cases. And all the power and energy in the world courses wildly between the freshly gleaming towers of downtown… CALGARY! YES! CALGARY! World class city! City of head offices and big business and oil… and Ralph Klein! Having recently secured the bid for the 1988 Winter Olympic Games, Calgary’s bejewelled  royalty wheels and deals and plots and schemes. And nobody does it better than the storied Rochefort family, civic leaders and world-wide groundbreakers in the caustic and competitive field of OIL BYPRODUCTS! Denture adhesive! Lubricating Gels! …. Floor Wax!

Their greatest enemy isn’t mullets or headbands or Crockett and Tubbs… it’s the desperate and scraping Camembert clan. Always angling for a better standing, for more influence, for money, money, money.

Join the whole Die-Nasty family for a thrilling, radical, righteous, tubular season of diamonds, oil, Olympiads, cat-fights, bedrooms and boardroom   …but mostly GREED, SEDUCTION, BETRAYAL… AND REVENGE!

Die Nasty is created by the Canadian Comedy Award Winning Company: Matt Alden, Shannon Blanchet, Leona Brausen, Peter Brown, Belinda Cornish, Tom Edwards, Vincent Forcier, Jesse Gervais, Jason Hardwick, Jeff Haslam, Mark Meer, Sheri Somerville, Ron Perderson, Stephanie Wolfe, Donovan Workun, Delia Barnett, and Wayne Jones. With wonderful special guests from across Edmonton, Alberta, and the world!

Die-Nasty will be directed in 2017/2018 by Jeff Haslam, Peter Brown, Vincent Forcier, Belinda Cornish, and Stephanie Wolfe.

The amazing Paul Morgan Donald is musical director. Brad “five arms” Fischer provides technical expertise and lighting design! And Jim Cej live blogs as our master of continuity.

Die-Nasty is produced by Nicole Thibault.

Die-Nasty opens Monday October 23...

… and plays every Monday at 7:30 at the Varscona Theatre (10329 - 83 Avenue in Old Strathcona). The season runs from October 23, 2017, through May 28, 2018, except for December 25 and January 1. Tickets are $18 or $13 with a $40 membership, and are available at the door (cash only). Season passes are available at the door MONDAY OCTOBER 16 and Mondays thereafter (cash or cheque only) for $400 with a reserved seat. Doors open at 6:30pm.




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