The Varscona Theatre: A SAFE PLACE

The Varscona Theatre strives to be a safe work environment where artists are free to create without harassment of any kind. We adhere to all the guidelines set out in the Equity Respectful Work Place Policy which can be found at:

We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with Appendix A, page 10 of the Respectful Work Place Policy, regarding Definitions and Concepts, with an emphasis on the following, NOTING THAT THESE DEFINITIONS APPLY BOTH ONSTAGE AND OFF:



Sexual harassment may include, but is not limited to:

• reprisal or threat of reprisal for the rejection of a sexual solicitation or

    advance, where the reprisal is made by a person in a position to grant,

    confer, or deny a benefit or advancement;

• unwelcome remarks, jokes, innuendo or taunting about a person’s

    body, attire, gender or sexual orientation;

• unwanted touching or any unwanted or inappropriate physical contact;

    such as touching, kissing, patting, hugging or pinching;

• unwelcome enquiries or comments about a person’s sex life or sexual


• leering, whistling or other suggestive or insulting sounds;

• making sexual or romantic solicitations or advances to a co-worker

    after it has been made clear by the co-worker that such solicitations

    and advances are unwelcome;

• inappropriate comments about clothing, physical characteristics or


• posting or display of materials, articles or graffiti etc.(including social

    media/online) that is sexually oriented;

• requests or demands for sexual favours, which include or strongly

imply promises of rewards for complying and/or threats of punishment

for refusal.



Harassment means engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome. Harassment may include, but is not limited to:

• physically intimidating behaviour and/or threats;

• use of profanity (swearing), vulgarity;

• ridiculing, taunting, belittling or humiliating another person;

• derogatory name-calling;

• inappropriate or insulting remarks, gestures, jokes, innuendo or


• unwanted questions or comments about a person’s private life;

• posting or display of materials, articles or graffiti etc. (including social

    media/online), which may cause humiliation, offence or


• Bullying is a distinct form of personal harassment and may include some of the             following:

• loud, abusive behaviour;

• unjustified criticism;

• shunning behaviours (including withholding information, ganging up,

    deliberate isolation from colleagues or exclusion from joint activities);

• repeated delegation of demeaning tasks.


If you feel that you are being harassed in any manner please contact a member of The Varscona Theatre’s management team:

Coralie Cairns:

Jeff Haslam:

John Hudson:

Stewart Lemoine: 

Davina Stewart:  

If you are not comfortable speaking with any individual member of the Varscona team, the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton is aware of and attuned to Edmonton’s theatre community. Help is available on their crisis line 24 hours a day at (780) 423-4121.