Construction in front of The Varscona Theatre!

Many of you, our fine patrons, may have noticed that the City of Edmonton has begun construction of bike paths on 83rd Avenue, right in front of your beloved Varscona Theatre. While we are happy for progress of any kind, this construction has created serious accessibility issues which will continue throughout the run of Shadow Theatre's current production of Art, and into the first week of Teatro La Quindicina's season opener The Salon of the Talking Turk (opening May 25). Currently, 83rd Avenue is completely closed to vehicle traffic, with only a sliver of sidewalk left for pedestrians to get to our front door. We are told that the city will be finished the bike paths and have 83rd Avenue reopened by June 1st. In the meantime if you're intending to visit us, and we hope you are, and have any accessibility issues whatsoever, vehicles for drop-off can use our alley. Access the alley at Calgary Trail (104 Street) between Whyte Avenue and 83rd Avenue. You can drive around to the front door and drop off there. PLEASE GIVE US A CALL AT 780-433-3399 IF YOU NEED ANY ASSISTANCE WHATSOEVER! Our team at front of house, lead by our new Operations Manager Mat Busby, will be there to help. Make sure to give yourself extra time to get to Strathcona over the next few weeks. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience. We were given very little notice of this disruption, but intend to do our best to get you into your super-comfy seat over the next few weeks.

You can purchase tickets for Shadow Theatre's Art HERE.

You can purchase tickets for Teatro's The Salon of the Talking Turk HERE.