The Varscona Theatre Ensemble

The Varscona Theatre Ensemble marks the coming together of three small theatre companies lead by long time Teatro and Varscona favourites: Julien Arnold, Belinda Cornish, and Kate Ryan, collaborating with producer Jeff Haslam.

Atlas Theatre, Bright Young Things, and The Plain Janes have long filled our beautiful stage with intrepid comedy, from slapstick to human, featuring our city’s most diverse and delightful talent. We’ll take you through time and around the world: spies in 50s Havana, a Spanish musical sensation, a thrilling confrontation between two of our finest actresses! And now you can buy a subscription and see all three shows; something our audiences have been asking for for years. 


Our man in havana

Adapted from the novel by Clive Francis 

November 23 - December 2, 2017

The Rip-Roaring stage adaptation of Graham Greene’s gripping, hilarious novel! 

A humble English vacuum cleaner salesman pretends to be a spy in a desperate bid to raise enough money to buy his daughter a pony... Four Actors portray 32 characters in a Riotous thrill-ride through 1950s Cuba Intrigue! Passion! Murder! e Queen of England!

Starring Belinda Cornish, Mathew Hulshof, Ian Leung and Mark Meer

Directed by Kate Ryan 

women on the verge of a nervous breakdown

music and lyrics by David Yazbek book by Jeffrey Lane 

February 15 - 24, 2018 

Mayhem and madness have never been so fun! 

The Janes heat up this February with this smart and hilarious musical comedy based on Pedro Almodovar’s beloved lm. It’s 1980’s Madrid- a time when the city was pulsing with art, industry and liberated women. Our taxi driver takes you on the ride of a lifetime as we follow Pepa who’s world is unravelling around her. It’s a tumultuous 48 hours of love, confusion, deception and passion with David Yazbek’s sizzling music and a laugh-out-loud book by Jeffrey Lane ( The Full Monty, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels).

Starring Jocelyn Ahlf, Jason Hardwick, Madelaine Knight, Gianna Read, Andrea House, Vance Avery, Michelle Diaz and Gabriel Gagnon

Directed by Kate Ryan Choreographed by Cindy Kerr

Stage Managed by Steven Sobolewski
Lighting Design by Matt Alan Currie
Music direction by Erik Mortimer

Going to St.ives

April 5 - 14, 2018

by Lee Blessing 

A vivid and crackling confrontation!

In the pleasant living room of a beautiful country home in the quiet village of St. Ives, England, two brilliant women exchange pleasantries over cups of tea and scones. However, we soon realize that this is no ordinary meeting. The action of this exquisite play takes us to the heart of modern Africa, and vividly explores themes of motherhood, personal sacrifice for the greater good, and the West’s responsibility to their former colonies in the developing world. A sold out hit at the 2012 Edmonton Fringe, the dialogue crackles with intensity and wit, and features two of Edmonton’s best actors.

Starring Patricia Darbasie and Belinda Cornish
Directed by Julien Arnold 

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