It’s finally here—the brand new, fully renovated Varscona Theatre. 

And we just can’t wait to share its magic with you. The rebuilt venue stays true to the theatre’s famous cozy intimacy, while giving our performers the best possible space to hone their craft. So, join us, take a seat and soar.

What's New

  • 200 seats in main theatre

  • Steep rake for optimal views

  • Curvilinear stage sits a few feet from the front row

  • A lobby that’s three times the size of the old one

  • Soundproofed theatre chamber, maximized for acoustics

  • State-of-the-art lighting and sound

  • Secondary 60-seat space for rehearsals and more intimate shows

Not only does the new design heighten the performance experience, but it also encourages community interaction and expression. As a vibrant hub of theatrical activity, the new Varscona is bound to serve Edmontonians for decades to come, while providing the city with a notable tourist attraction.

To all our donors, sponsors, supporters and builders: We simply can’t thank you enough. We can now point to our stunning new theatre with pride, all because of the role you’ve played in rebuilding it.