A Renaissance of Machiavellian Intrigue

In the Reborn Varscona Theatre!

Venice, c. 1400. The Gabourgias and the Spinellis are but two of many douchal families spoiling, plotting, and conniving for power, money, golden baubles, ships, silks, spices... AND LOVE. All under the watchful eye of the most powerful sovereign on the face of the known world: The Douche of Venice.

Join the whole Die-Nasty family REBORN, for a whole season of great artists, earth-shaking discovery, glorious music... but mostly Machiavellian Intrigue!

Die Nasty is created by the Canadian Comedy Award Winning Cast: Matt Alden, Dana Andersen, Shannon Blanchet, Leona Brausen, Peter Brown, Belinda Cornish, Tom Edwards, Vincent Forcier, Jesse Gervais, Jason Hardwick, Jeff Haslam, Kory Mathewson, Mark Meer, Cathleen Rootsaert, Sheri Somerville, Davina Stewart, Stephanie Wolfe, Donovan Workun, Delia Barnett, Chris Craddock, and Wayne Jones.

Die-Nasty will be directed in 2016/2017 by Jeff Haslam, Mark Meer, and Matt Alden.

The amazing Paul Morgan Donald is maestro of chansons, motets, and masses. Brad Fischer is the Galileo of technicians! And Jim Cej liveblogs as only a great renaissance scribe may. Die-Nasty is produced by Madame Nicole Thibault de' Medici.

Every Monday at 7:30 at the Varscona Theatre (10329 - 83 Avenue in Old Strathcona). The season runs from October 17, 2016, through May 29, 2017, except for December 26 and January 2.

Tickets are $18 or $13 with a $40 membership, and are available at the door (cash only) or online at tixonthesquare.com. Season passes are available at the door (cash or cheque only) for $400 with a reserved seat. Doors open at 6:30pm.


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